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Webroot.com/safe | Enter your Keycode – Download & Install Webroot

Webroot is an American cybersecurity software that provides internet security to users, consumers, and businesses. Webroot came into force on 5 July 1997 in Boulder, America. It serves its users in many countries, like Ireland, Japan, Australia, United Kingdom, etc. Webroot has plenty of features that provide high-level security to your systems from cyber attacks, malware, ransomware, viruses, and other cyber threats. In addition, you can protect your devices using antivirus software Webroot on your system. Get more knowledge on Webroot from webroot.com/safe.

What you should know before Installing Webroot
1. You need to ensure that your system meets the minimum requirements.
2. Also, check the License contract at www.webroot.com/safe.
3. You need to connect your device to the Internet.
4. Also, use the latest versions of Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox.
5. You should have the unique Webroot keycode.
6. Delete the previous version of Webroot software to download the new Webroot application.

From Where to Get Webroot Keycode?

The Webroot keycode consists of 20 alphanumeric digits. You will get your keycode through email that is based on your product package. The keycode contains the details of your subscription. If you have a multi-user license, you can use the same Webroot keycode to install the software on your device.

How to Download the Webroot Software?
You can follow the below-given steps to download the Webroot Secure.

1. Visit www.webroot.com/safe.
2. You need to choose the link to install.
3. Enter the keycode into the provided section.
4. Read the terms and conditions carefully and press the Agree button.
5. Tap on the Install button.
6. You need to make some changes by choosing the installation option.
7. Go to the UAC screen.
8. Tap on the Yes button.
9. Now, complete the registration process.
10. Enter the email id into the given box.
11. Hit the Continue button.
12. Read the Webroot SecureAnywhere Agreement.
13. Go back to the previous screen.
14. Click on the Agree and Continue button.
15. Allow the installation to get a finish.

How to Activate Webroot on Windows?
You can activate Webroot software on Windows using the below steps.

1. Open the Webroot application on your device.
2. On the same interface, tap on the My Account option.
3. Go to the My Account category, and select the Activate option.
4. On the right side of your screen, enter your 20 digits Webroot keycode.
5. Tap on the Activate button.
6. Finally, the Webroot application has been activated on Windows.

How to Activate Webroot on Mac?
You can activate Webroot software on Mac using the below steps.

1. Open the Webroot app on your Mac & then visit webroot.com/safe.
2. Once you open the application, reach the drop-down menu.
3. Tap on the gear button that appears next to the My Accounts option.
4. Enter the Webroot keycode In the given field.
5. Click on the Activate button.
6. Finally, the Webroot application has been activated on Mac.

How to Renew or Upgrade the Webroot Software?
You will have an option to renew or upgrade the Webroot software on your system. Follow the below steps.
➔ Open the Webroot software on the screen
➔ Tap on the My Account option.
➔ Select Renew or Upgrade option.

How do I get my Webroot subscription?
If you want to check your Webroot subscription, you need to follow the below points.
➔ Click on the gear icon next to the My Account option.
➔ Tap on the My Subscription icon.
➔ You can see your account details that contain your remaining days.

I want to download Webroot on Windows 10. How can I do it?
Downloading Webroot on Windows 10 is easy. Find the Webroot product you want to download, click on Download Now, read the license agreement, and follow the Webroot downloading steps further on www.webroot.com/safe.


This website ( webroot.com/safe )is only a guide for users to understand the process to Download, Install and Activate Webroot Products, We do not have any affiliations from Webroot and any other company related to Antivirus.